Junior Volunteers

“We are the leaders we’ve been waiting for.” – Grace Lee Boggs

It’s not easy being a tween — but at Summer in the City, middle school students can be the change they wish to see in Detroit.

Alumni of our Play Programs and those new to Summer in the City can apply to be Junior Volunteers, joining a JV Team and working with Coaches on a variety of service projects and experiential adventures.

If you are interested in being a JV, please fill out this application form. (Note: Parents can help, but students should fill out the form themselves.)

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Date of Birth
To be a JV, you must have completed 6th grade.
The JV program is currently open to Detroit residents only and is primarily targeted to Northwest and Southwest Detroit.
The JV program is designed to be a full-summer team experience. We expect JVs to attend every day unless they have prior approval.
What are you wondering about the structure or purpose of the program?